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C.P. Hendershot: School Records and Copies

This week’s photo is not actually a photo, but a photocopy which was donated to the Mishawaka Penn Harris Public Library. Notice that the original had been cropped before donation cutting off the right side and leaving us to make an educated guess on the size of the original. It is most likely either a… Continue reading C.P. Hendershot: School Records and Copies

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Dating Cabinet Card Photographs – Reverend Burelbach

This week’s photograph is an early cabinet card of a young man wearing a plain double breasted coat and what appears to be a clerical collar. There is no crucifix or other jewelry. On the back is handwritten Rev. Burelbach. On the front, the photographers imprint is very small and in simple print, identifying the… Continue reading Dating Cabinet Card Photographs – Reverend Burelbach

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Passport, please!

This is a picture of a stylish young lady, labeled on the reverse as Helen DeLorinza, niece to Mrs. Martin Beiger. The Beiger family is well known and documented in Mishawaka, so it was a fairly simple task to identify Helen as the daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Higgins) DeLorenzi, born in 1889. Sarah Higgins’… Continue reading Passport, please!

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Congratulations to our Award Winners!

Oak Tree Award Presentation Congratulations Audrey Johnson! Irv Morse presented the Oak Tree Award to Audrey Johnson April 5 at the county archives gathering of the South Bend Area Genealogical Society volunteers. This was in recognition of her many years of dedicated service. She has volunteered at the St. Joseph County library helping with the… Continue reading Congratulations to our Award Winners!