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Congratulations to our Award Winners!

Oak Tree Award Presentation

Congratulations Audrey Johnson!

Oak Tree

Irv Morse presented the Oak Tree Award to Audrey Johnson April 5 at the county archives gathering of the South Bend Area Genealogical Society volunteers. This was in recognition of her many years of dedicated service. She has volunteered at the St. Joseph County library helping with the obituary index and also spent over 15years on numerous other projects at the county archives to include the “St. Joseph County divorce” data base.

The idea of an oak tree medallion relates to the early icon our Society chose in its letterheads, Quarterly Newsletter cover and other documents. The origin of this icon is lost in our Society history, but probably relates to the ancient Celtic symbolism of an oak tree as: life, strength, wisdom, nobility, family, loyalty, power, longevity, heritage, and honor. The oak tree symbol is common in western civilization. Our founding ladies chose this as a symbol for our Society and its future.

Distinguished County Genealogical Service

Congratulations Irv Morse!


Irv Morse has been awarded the Distinguished County Genealogical Service Award from the Indiana Genealogical Society. The award is given to an individual for ten or more years of service to the field of genealogy. It acknowledgements the recipients significant contribution and support of genealogy data, records and education in a region.

We cannot think of a worthier recipient of this award. Irv has been involved in the genealogical community in St. Joseph County for more than 50 years. He actively volunteers his time to the County Archives, the Family and History Department of the St. Joseph County Public Library and the Mishawaka Public Library as well as serving on the board as Treasurer of the South Bend Area Genealogical Society. Irv is also a past Society President.

Irv spends most his time working on one of his many genealogical projects each day while also serving as the contact for patrons with genealogy questions at the Archives, area libraries and the genealogy society.



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