Indiana DAR Sponsors Statewide Bicentennial Competition

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – $200 cash, plus a place in history, are the prizes offered by Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution in their “Salute Indiana!” competition for the creation of a “salute” or “pledge” to the Indiana state flag. Entries are being accepted now at http://www.SaluteIndiana.org, until September 2, 2016. The winning submission will be brought before the Indiana General Assembly for approval.

This event echoes the 1916 centennial contest, also held by INDAR, which sought designs for a new state flag. Paul Hadley of Mooresville won that contest, submitting the flag design still used today; blue with yellow stars representing states and a torch representing liberty and enlightenment. The General Assembly adopted this banner in 1917, later designating it the official state flag in 1955.

So now, 100 years later, Indiana Daughters are celebrating the bicentennial by honoring this same flag with a salute appropriate for use by organizations in ceremonies and rituals. Presently, only 17 states have a pledge or salute to their flags.

State leaders forming the judging panel include Loretta Rush, Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court; Major General Courtney Carr, Adj. General of the Indiana National Guard; John Herbst, President of the Indiana Historical Society; and Jacob Speer, Director of the Indiana State Library. Judging will occur October 19 at the Indiana Historical Society.

Entry deadline is Sept. 2, 2016. Any Indiana resident, aged 13 years or older, is permitted to apply. The winning entrant receives a cash prize of $200, an official Indiana bicentennial state flag, and the opportunity to watch his or her submission introduced to the state legislature. For more information about the competition, please visit the official contest website, www.SaluteIndiana.org.

For additional information, contact:
Kendra Smith Chairman, INDAR Bicentennial Committee


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