Summer School Series

The South Bend Area Genealogical Society has a new summer school series starting this year! Our summer school series will focus more on the how in specific genealogy cases and we are starting with a collaboration with the Indiana African American Genealogy Group!

SBAGS Summer Series1

The Civil Rights Heritage Center building has an interesting history in South Bend. It is housed in the Engman Public Natatorium, which had the largest public swimming pool in the state when it opened in 1922. However, African Americans in the area were denied access until 1936. It was then African Americans were allowed in, but segregated until 1950, when it was open to all. It operated as such until 1978.

It is now part of the Indiana University South Bend campus and you can read more about the history (and watch a couple videos) on the building here.

Our genealogy outline for 6 August is not yet firm, but watch this space for more news as it comes in! If you have any questions or comments, you can contact SBAGS at president@sbags.org


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